Our History

2020 Geoex and MultiClient Geophysical become Geoex MCG

Geoex and MCG underwent a cross-border merger, unifying both companies under a single legal and brand entity. The primary driver for this merger was to create streamlined and efficient internal operations, whilst positively reflecting these improvements back to our clients.

2017 Geoex Ltd acquires MultiClient Geophysical AS

On May 15, 2017, Geoex joined forces with MCG. The Geoex Group emerged as a result of Geoex’s corporate acquisition and purchase of all MCG’s shares, delisting MCG from the Oslo Stock Exchange. The companies’ complementary data coverage and services became part of a single joint portfolio, providing clients with an enhanced data library and range of products.

2007 MultiClient Geophysical AS founded

MultiClient Geophysical AS (MCG) was established in Oslo, Norway in November 2007 as a private company and became operational on April 1, 2008. MCG began operating as a public company on the Oslo Stock Exchange May 2, 2013. The company has concentrated on offshore multiclient projects in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

2003 Geoex Ltd founded

Geoex Ltd was established as an Africa-focused O&G training consultancy to government bodies, later reinventing its services to contractual seismic data acquisition in 2009. From 2009 to 2012, the company experienced a rapid international growth thanks to its unique asset-light business model. The innovative business strategy generated successful exclusive and multi-client projects in Africa, placing the company on the E&P map as an effective data provider.