UK Office

Pierre Benichou

Executive Chairman

Pascal Lipsky

Managing Director

Jean-Philippe Rossi

Executive Vice President

John Whitcomb

Global Business Development

Andrea Gibson

Vice President of Corporate Services

Ken Thomas

Chief Accountant

Mike Powney

Geoscience Advisor

Johnny Fox

Management Accountant

Jill Reid

Assistant Accounts

Thalia Lipsky

Office Manager & IT Cyber Security Officer

Renata Michlova

Geoinformation Marketing Manager

US Office

Robert Sorley

President for Geoex MCG LLC

Jeniffer Masy

Chief Geoscientist

Bill Cafarelli

Business Development Manager for the Americas

Sarah Benichou

General Manager for Geoex MCG LLC

Norway Office

Tor Åkermoen

CEO - Europe

Lars Ivar Leivestad

Head of Sales and Marketing

Olga Pevneva

Manager – Data Management